Australia Vietnam Young Leadership Dialogue (AVYLD) 2023 Announces Distinguished Delegate: Nguyen Thi Minh Dang

In my role as Chairwoman and CEO of Koro, a versatile entrepreneur, and a dedicated advocate for positive change, I have embarked on a transformative journey as a delegate of the Australia-Vietnam Young Leadership Dialogue (AVYLD) 2023. This prestigious program has granted me a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, engage in meaningful conversations, and contribute to the future of our region.

As a representative of my country and a participant in a program dedicated to shaping the future of our region, I was privileged to attend a reception at the Australia Ambassador’s Residence—an event that left an indelible mark on my journey. Hosted by the Australian Ambassador to Vietnam, the reception served as both a celebration of the bilateral relationship between our nations and a nexus for young leaders to converge and exchange ideas.

Chairwoman and CEO of Koro, Nguyen Thi Minh Dang and Australia’s Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr Andrew Goledzinowski

The Driving Force Behind My Participation

Introduced to AVYLD by a friend—a psychology PhD student in Australia with whom I shared resources and meditation courses—I was encouraged to join this dynamic program. It became evident that the platform is a treasure trove for kindred spirits passionate about sustainability. With curiosity as my guiding light, I embarked on this journey to engage with fellow participants whose values align with mine, particularly in the realms of education, health, and sustainable practices.

AVYLD: A Confluence of Impactful Minds

AVYLD stands tall as a beacon of collaboration, uniting ten remarkable delegates from both Australia and Vietnam. This platform is an incubator for cross-cultural exchanges, fostering innovation, and propelling collaborative solutions to global challenges. My inclusion in this distinguished group symbolizes not only my commitment to driving positive change but also my potential to catalyze transformative leadership.

Nguyen Thi Minh Dang is fervently discussing her passion

A Trailblazer Across Sectors

Within the tapestry of industries, my roles as Chairwoman and CEO of Koro take center stage. Yet, my journey extends beyond these roles. Leading Proself Spiritual Management Consulting and Training, as well as being a Founding Partner of ProSelf Angel Investment Fund, underscores my dedication to fostering innovation and supporting the growth of startups.

Catalyzing Change and Empowerment

My dedication to driving change extends far beyond boardroom discussions. Ventures such as IMAS Marketing Partner, Liva Chatbot Platform, 5min Mindfulness Game, and Zero Stress social network highlight my commitment to fostering innovative solutions.

As a representative of Dong Nai Traditional ’s Medicine Association, I have connections with various branches throughout the Mekong region in terms of healthcare. Our organization works closely with local communities to provide health education, prevention, and treatment services. Additionally, I have established partnerships with distributors and agents in the Mekong region to expand our reach and provide quality products to customers in the area.

Nurturing a Sustainable Vision

Guided by the theme “Evolution: The Next 50 Years,” AVYLD 2023 stands firmly behind the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). My role as a delegate from Vietnam adds to discussions aimed at deepening the Australia-Vietnam bilateral relationship.

Uniting ten distinguished delegates from each nation, AVYLD strives to cultivate collaboration, innovation, and strategic partnerships that lay the foundation for sustainable development and shared prosperity.

A Vision of Leadership Shared

Being chosen as one of the ten delegates from Vietnam for AVYLD 2023 speaks to my commitment to leadership, innovation, and positive impact. My participation embodies a dedication to forging meaningful dialogues and transformative initiatives that will shape the trajectory of both Australia and Vietnam.

In Summation

AVYLD is a canvas where visionaries come together to paint a brighter future. This journey of transformation has just begun, promising insights, connections, and experiences that will amplify my ability to steer change. Stay tuned for more chapters of my AVYLD journey, as I share insights, reflections, and experiences that resonate with our shared values and unwavering dedication to creating a lasting impact.

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About AVYLD:

The Australia-Vietnam Young Leadership Dialogue (AVYLD) stands as a premier platform uniting exceptional young leaders from Australia and Vietnam. Anchored in cross-cultural collaboration and innovative thinking, AVYLD empowers young leaders to drive sustainable development and forge a positive change in their nations and the global community.

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