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I’m Minh Dang

“What is your story?” It always sparks a fascinating conversation when we are in touch.


The pinnacle of business is THIEN (Zen), and the pinnacle of THIEN is business.

LIVE for both oneself and society

Only when an entrepreneur no longer confuses themselves with their EGO, can they see clearly and possess the necessary qualities to create a sustainable and successful business. To build a human-centered business, we must start by cultivating individuals who live for themselves. When employees love and take responsibility for themselves, focus on goals, and are not dominated by their EGO, the business will thrive, families will be happy, and society will also develop.





How do others see me?

Known as the Chairman and CEO of Koro, Nguyen Thi Minh Dang is also a versatile figure in various fields such as Thien (Zen), education, water and health, investment, entrepreneurship, and business. In addition to Koro, she is the CEO of Proself Spiritual Management Consulting and Training, Founding Partner of ProSelf Angel Investment Fund, which specializes in supporting startup capital for entrepreneurs, and she is also an investor in a range of promising startups such as IMAS Marketing Partner; Liva Chatbot Platform; 5min Mindfulness Game; Zero Stress social network, etc.







I love to make positive changes that impact people.

I was determined to take the lead in finding solutions for my own problems. After researching, I discovered that becoming an entrepreneur was the way to solve my own problems and the problems of humanity in general. I decided to become an entrepreneur to address not only my own problems, but also those of the people around me.

We help people break free from their limiting beliefs.

We help people doing business and investment in light and understanding.

We help people to understand more about water and health.

We can both relax and work efficiently.

Effective business comes from leaders who have a clear understanding of themselves and their EGO. When we do what we love or love what we do, we will have enjoyment and effectiveness in everything we do. If people in a company have this attitude, it will lead to employee happiness and promotion opportunities.

We Are Leading in Angel Investment Assessment & Coaching.

Solution for awakening the spirit of ownership and living attitude for leaders and employees.

Guidance From Our Thien (Zen) Guru and Business Attitude Expert.

Trusted by OUR businesses

These could be startups, established businesses, non-profit organization, investment venture or other entrepreneurial endeavors. I chose to use the term “trusted by” as a way to express my gratitude for the confidence and trust that my business partners, investors, employees, and clients have placed in me.

Memorable quotes that I’ve written

For me, writing memorable quotes is a way of distilling life’s experiences into bite-sized nuggets of wisdom. Each quote is a snapshot of a particular moment in time, capturing a thought or feeling in a way that is both powerful and evocative. Whether they make people laugh, cry, or simply pause to reflect, I hope to bring new perspectives to the world through my quotes and who knows, maybe they will be helpful to someone in a meaningful way.

The success in business is not simply about having a lot of money. If that money is borrowed from others, then no matter how much there is, it will eventually have to be paid back to its true owner. Those who have a lot of borrowed money cannot be called successful in business. There are many businessmen who were once famous and had endless amounts of money, but in the end, they still ended up with nothing, even caught up in legal issues. So, is their money really any different from borrowed money, which in the end, has nothing left?
Nguyen Thi Minh Dang

Author of Thien, serial entrepreneurs and investors

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